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About Us

Shree Laxmi Chains journey began Eight decades back, primarily fueled by entrepreneurial spirit of manufacturing silver Jewellery for the local market. Today Shree Laxmi Chains is known in the Indian market as a leading manufacturer of Silver Jewellery. Shree Laxmi Chains has been involved in silver ornaments Manufacturing from eight decades, our generation has contributed immensely in developing and evolving the cultural heritage of india with the art of work with mix and match of authentic, traditional and modern silver jewellery.

We are among the largest manufacturer and distributor of silver jewellery with the wide range of products across India. Shree Laxmi Chains have specialised and experienced craftsmen working in our workshops where extreme care is devoted to each piece of work, right from the initial design stage to the development and polishing stage, precision in work is the key to produce each ornament unique and valuable, enabling us to perpetuate our tradition of creativity, and breathtaking craftsmanship.

Despite our vast product range, it is our passion and aspiration to keep every design unique, and every creation a piece of art. We create unique and magnificent pieces of jewellery. Our Quality and purity of silver makes the difference.

From centuries silver ornaments are integral part of women's adornment in India and considered auspicious. Like Toe rings and Anklets are traditionally wore by women's in India and they have great spiritual and social significance. Silver jewellery is not only a piece of jewellery or adornment but also has medical and scientific aspects which influence the body aura. Shree Laxmi Chains believe in perfection along with purity and consistency to keep our customers satify. Shree Laxmi Chains are the one whom customer can trust...